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Obituary for Kay E Beauvais

Kay E Beauvais

On December 3rd at 3:15 in the afternoon our world was darkened by the loss of our Mom, Grand Mom, Great Grand Mom and Loving Wife of 54 years. Our wonderful and beautiful Kay Ellen Beauvais born on September 24, 1948 left us after 72 years due to bone marrow cancer. She did not want to go and she fought with a spirit of fire which gave us a couple more years to enjoy her smile which truly lit a room.

When you came into Mom’s presence your heart and spirit would lighten. It was the light from her soul that would automatically lighten your load. These type of people are rare and our loss is felt keenly for it.
Her husband, Willard Beauvais enjoyed 54 years of challenges and joys. She was preceded in death by her youngest son David; and is survived by her sons and daughters Daniel, Darrell, Jessica, Dale, DeAnne and Brooke; along with her sisters, Diane, Molly, Jen and Nellie; and all the grandchildren (10) and great grandchildren (3) who will have memories to hold from this day forward.

Your daughter Brooke shared the words: A wife, a mother, a grandma too: this is the legacy we have from you. You showed us strength and courage when facing life’s challenges; you showed us grace and taught us unwavering love. You were beautiful in life and in your heart always kind: Thoughts of your tender heart and words always bring your smile to mind. Boy that smile so cheered us all. For all of us you gave your best: now go in peace, you have surely earned your rest.

Thank you Mom for all of who you were and for all you taught us. We will miss you beyond what words can express.

Forever Mom we love and adore you.

Your Family in Love and in Christ.